Patient Estimation with No Surprises

Insight+TM empowers hospitals to educate their patients by generating an estimate at or before the time of service with no surprises. Generating these estimates prior to the date of service of the scheduled procedure help patients understand and prepare for their financial obligation.

INSIGHT+™ is a cost-effective, claims-based, estimation solution that seamlessly integrates real-time insurance verification and eligibility. Patient estimation transforms the discussion about patient payments into a discussion about advocacy and responsibility thereby reducing the stress of the unknown and confusion of out-of-pocket costs.

With INSIGHT+™, providers can:

  • Securely access via a cloud-based solution through a PC, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Cost-effectively generate estimated out-of-pocket costs and use generated estimate to collect patient payments pre-service.
  • Allow providers to educate patients about their benefits and advocate for the patient prior to service.
  • Using historical claims, calculate an estimate for the total “encounter of care” instead of a “line item” contractual reimbursement.