The Hyve – GFE Exchange

The Hyve – GFE ExchangeTM
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Collaborative Provider Portal for Good Faith Estimate

With the 2021 enforcement of the new No Surprise Billing Act, healthcare providers are now required to present additional charge information to patients as part of the Good Faith Estimate (GFE). Providers must include cost estimates for providers (professional or technical/facility) that may be outside of their scope of practice or ownership.

Convening providers must include not only their charges (professional and/or facility/technical) but are required to include co-providers’ charges that might be reasonably included even if those services are offered by providers OUTSIDE of their organization (surgeon, anesthesia, hospital, ASC, etc.). To comply with these requirements, convening providers have “one business day” to contact co-providers to get their charges to create a complete estimate and present it to the patient…this is impractical, if not impossible.

The only way healthcare providers can comply with the new GFE requirements is to efficiently collaborate and contribute their individual estimates with other providers to create a collective GFE for the patient. Unfortunately, this collaborative technology does not exist. Until now.

The Hyve – GFE ExchangeTM brings convening and co-providers together by offering a secure, centralized platform that leverages the power of the collective! Coming together for the good of the healthcare industry.

Welcome to the Hyve!