About Hyve Health


Hyve Health was founded by banking and healthcare industry innovators looking to create technology to come together for the collective good of healthcare.

Hyve Health is led by Travis Gentry who with Tim Estes, founded Financial Healthcare Systems, LLC (FHS Corp) in 2005. FHS Corp was one of the early pioneers of healthcare transparency, bringing their patient estimation tool, ClearQuote® to market. This unprecedented product was installed in hospitals across the country to provide a contractual estimate of a patient’s expected out of pocket.

Realizing the need to further transparency within the healthcare community specific to payer payments, the AHA Vitality IndexTM was created and endorsed by the American Hospital Association. Always in the forefront of innovation, The Hyve – GFE PortalTM was created to efficiently address the complicated task of providing timely and complete Good Faith Estimates.

We look forward to connecting revolutionary healthcare providers to lead the nation into a new age of transformational transparency.


We are nothing without our customers

We believe in listening to the needs of our customer community, and prioritizing long-term value when developing products that address pressing industry issues. There is a real person behind every text, email, call, and support request, and we treat them as human beings, not users.

We cultivate creativity to do good things

Our company is full of collaborative talent, made up of visionaries, producers, get ‘er done people who enjoy what they do and are here to make a difference.

We achieve ambitious outcomes

We set, measure, and accomplish goals that deliver massive value to our healthcare community by prioritizing outcomes over output and work efficiently to drive results.